Custom Songstyles Productions

Pricing & Additonal Information

The average price for a four-minute song (omitting solos) is usually in the €65 to €100 range. This does not mean that your particular songstyle will be in that range. Pricing could be as high as €150 depending of course on the particular song.

I charge by the hour, so I will not know the final price until the file is complete, which is why I cannot provide estimates for any particular song. I will complete the entire song, program the style from scratch, divide it into variations, do all the effects settings, equalizer, and mix, then any changes to the original style you wish me to make are not a problem.

Payment must be made PayPal Invoicing (you can pay through PayPal with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account). Western Union payments will also be accepted in the future. Please do not send recordings of mainstream jazz, show tunes, standards, or any other non-commercial songs, without discussing them with me in advance.

The minimum price for sequencing and or arranging original or undistributed recordings is €150.

All completed files are copyrighted by Stathis Zachiotis and added to my catalog for resale to compensate for the very low special order prices I charge.

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